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espie's Journal

Hi there! C: I'm a 28 year old independent artist/animator living in the UK with my husband, and our papillon, Trixie, and bunny, Mitsy. I love Japan, and hope to be moving there soon!
My main hobbies are drawing, writing and collecting. Collection wise, my main collections are Pokemon (Mew, Mewtwo, Espeon, Virizion, Persian & Giovanni), production art/cels/genga/settei from animations I like, and Black Butler (mainly Sebastian & Grell, but also everyone). Other collections I have that are currently on hiatus are gen 1 My Little Pony, and movie memorabilia for Little Shop of Horrors and Critters.

I have a pretty wide range of interests! I tend to like most genres of books/movies/music. My favourite authors are Baroness Orczy and Diana Wynne Jones, my favourite singer is Meat Loaf, and my favourite movie is Little Shop of Horrors. My favourite manga-ka is Yana Toboso <3 As far as video games go, I tend to prefer RPG's, but again this varies based on the game. I also like to bake, and sculpt, and I would really love to try my hand at plush making one day.

I'm generally pretty shy until I get to know someone, but if you think we could be friends then feel free to say hi! ^v^ I'm also on Twitter @vixepro