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Yay Gen VI! C:

So excited about so many things so far, but I think what's just creeping out on top is the new graphics & battle system. Since I've played the games since the RGB days, I'll always love the traditional pixel graphics, but the new graphics look so shiny and feel long overdue. Really really happy about the simultaneous worldwide release though too ~ with BW & B2W2, I could play the Japanese games as my DS Lite wasn't region locked, but since I anticipated these being on the 3DS I was quietly worrying about whether to spring for a Japanese 3DS to be able to play it early, or just suck it up and wait the extra months. Now I don't have to worry about it, so yay! ^v^

Also totally picking Fennekin as my starter as if the picture didn't give it away lol. I love Fennec foxes ;^; It's actually one of my life dreams to have a pet one one day as I'm a big exotics enthusiast, and I've spent the past 3 - 4 years researching all the ins and outs of owning one, contacting breeders, etc. As it was, 3 - 4 years ago it was pretty much impossible to get hold of a 'domestic' Fennec without importing one, but nowadays there's actually a couple of suppliers in the UK. But since it's an animal that requires a lot of specialist care I'd ideally like to be in a bigger house that's capable of housing a pen with both an interior and exterior section in it before committing to owning one =) So for now I shall settle for squeeing over Fennekin instead lol (and my lovely Papillon Trixie too ofc ;3)

Shipping the last few settei tomorrow anywho, then need to look at getting my next lot of Sales photographed and organised. I have so much stuff to get rid of, waah D: Going to make it my goal to have all this extra stuff out of my house one way or another by the time Gen VI hits, even if it means just shoving it on eBay in a giant lot ^^


Jan. 11th, 2013 02:38 am (UTC)
Yay! =D I love it when things time themselves like that C: And lol, don't tease me like that woman! XD Haha, well I'll keep an eye out ;3 I just posted off the last of the settei today, and just this minute finished leaving everyone's feedback which took forever (I feel bad copy pasting, but I write practically the SAME message for everyone anyway so it's not even like it's justified inefficiency lol ;^;) Now to start the whole, super fun process again ~ whee!