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Khee hee hee C: I got an item in the post today and I have seriously been playing with it. All. Day.

IT MOVES!!! ...XD lol It's lenticular, and it does a little sequence of Giovanni stroking Persian and Persian makes happy faces from ':3' to ':D' and fffffff, it's so cute. I'm such a child being entertained by such a simple thing, but I love it. I haven't seen one of these before now, so I was super excited to get it for all of 99 cents off eBay <3

As such, I came to realise earlier that Giovanni and Persian is actually not a side collection any more, but is in fact my secret fifth main one :I I always classified it as a side one since I always knew it would be tiny due to the lack of merch, but I realised today that I'm just as obsessive (if not more so) at checking auctions for stuff for them as I am with Mew and Mewtwo nowadays, the metal figures I'm missing have become things I would pay stupid amounts for, and really, isn't it dedication to a collection rather than the size of it that dictates whether it's a main or a side? The fact that such a simple (AND AMAZING) little bottle cap got me so excited made me realise how much that particular collection means to me, small though it may be, and so, as such, I am officially upgrading it to my fifth main! C: And it will probably secretly end up being my favourite main collection because it will cost me the least money aha.

In other news ~ still dead from Eevee's, mmmyup. Bank account officially in the red. No food for me this month lol! (sad thing is, I am only half kidding ;3;) For Christmas everyone is getting a photo of my Eevee's with a note saying 'I could have bought you something, but I bought myself these instead. Enjoy! <3'


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Dec. 28th, 2012 04:04 am (UTC)
oh god I'm jealous. Came over here to bid on the Jessie settei and saw this.

You realize I want this now, right?
Dec. 28th, 2012 10:17 pm (UTC)
As well you should, it's AWESOME XD If I see another one up for sale anywhere I'll give you a shout! C:

Also your icon makes me happy <3
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