Figured it was time I made a wants post I could just link over at pkmncollectors if needed :3 All you non-pkmncollectors people on my friends list can feel free to ignore this (unless you happen to have any of these and want to sell them to me ofc! ^v^)

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Mew & Me Chibis

Myuu ~! <3

Mew likes you :3

Inks are actually for a TAB panel, but I don't have my halftones on this computer and I felt the NEED TO COLOUR :I Of course I could have just switched computers, or resisted the urge since I'll have to halftone it later anyway. But no.
...I procrastinate in weird ways.
Fly with me~

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So Mewtwo's a girl now... *confused XD* I'm surprisingly unbothered by this. Mainly because I relate more to Mewtwo with his dub voice than his Japanese one, so hearing a different Japanese one isn't too jarring even if it is so vastly different from the dub one. I'm assuming it'll still be deep and masculine in the dub, unless there's some reason stated in the movie as to why his voice has changed. Tbf it's more of an issue in the dub anyway if he randomly turns into a girl since Giovanni explicitly calls him a 'boy' in Mewtwo Returns. The majority of younger fans probably haven't seen MR though tbh, making that irrelevant. But those who do know about it will be up in arms lol.
But wow. This has caused some arguments. Thing is, people keep turning round and being all 'What, why do you have a problem with it? Ash is voiced by a girl, Goku is voiced by a girl, etc. etc.' I don't think some of these people understand that the people complaining aren't being sexist lol. It's the fact it's an established character that prior to this has had a voice that is completely different, and that a new, different voice, especially one of a different gender, completely alters the perception of the character. How does that not make sense to people? I mean like I said, it (weirdly) doesn't bother me, but I can TOTALLY see why it would bother people. It's sparked off the debate again as to whether it's a different Mewtwo, purely because it sounds so different. I personally don't think it is, but the fact they wouldn't try to get a new VA that was similar (or at least sounded like the same gender as the previous one) is perplexing.
Oh Pokémon... You do love keeping us guessing this year lol.

Anyway. The trailer looks amazing, and I'm super excited, even if I am confused X3 I've made my peace with the new forme even if I'm still not a fan. The fact Mewtwo goes all magic girl when transforming into it though makes it that bit more likeable lol. He's not really helping the not-female argument with that one, haha. Silly boy/girl <3
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So, after a crappy start this morning, omggggg, look what turned up!

Now I know, you're thinking, it's just a Mewtwo strap, why is that special? It's special because I had given this guy up for lost in the Christmas post. I bought him back at the end of November I think? And I never chased up his lack of arrival with the seller as I knew they were reliable and didn't want to be a bother, so when he turned up today I was just like '...What? ._.'
I wondered if maybe the seller had overlooked shipping him only to find him recently and send him out, but the postage marks on the envelope are dated 1st December. He was sent out by Airmail too, and there's no additional clues like anything saying it was returned to sender or held or anything *shrugs* I have no idea where he has been for three months and twenty days, but wherever he was, he is here now C: I guess it proves there is always hope after all, yay <3

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All... the... feels... ;AAAAAAAA;

OMG YOU GUYS, I can't wait till July, it's just... it's too long... I can't ;A; This looks so amazing I can't handle it. Mewtwo looks so awesome, I'm so relieved (the poster art worried me a little - I was having trouble adjusting to the change of style X3) And as if that wasn't enough, THERE'S EVEN A PERSIAN, OMG. THREE OF MY FIVE FAVOURITES ARE IN THIS MOVIE, WHAT IS HAPPENING??!? I know it's only a bg character but I don't care, look how cute it isssss ;^; Actually close to crying, I'm just so happy. GG I need to man up or I'll never make it through the summer lol ^^; Excuse me while I go watch this a hundred times over till every frame of it is etched into my brain forever more.
Viri Walky

My feels...

Okay, I've just about calmed down now after spending most of yesterday spazzing insanely after the new CoroCoro leak. Suffice to say I'm so so happy you guys ;v; Ever since July last year when I was having the BEST DAY EVER, watching the 15th movie in the cinema, on release day, IN JAPAN, with my husband, BFF, and a bunch of people from the comm, and at the end they showed that tiny sneak peak that revealed Genesect was in the 16th movie ~ ever since then I have nursed the tiny, excited hope that Mewtwo would be in it too. After all, he's awesome, and he hasn't appeared in the anime for so long, and what better excuse do they need than to have him face off against Team Plasma's genetically created Pokemon? With new merch of him appearing I got more hopeful, but since there was new merch of a bunch of other Pokemon like Rayquaza appearing too I didn't get *too* excited. After all, my dreams came true last year when it turned out Viri was going to be in the movie, and it was being released while we were already going to be in Japan (I seriously felt like the Pokemon Gods were reading my mind somehow XD), so what likelihood was there that they would go one better the very next year? Then with the Gen VI announcement my hopes dwindled, as I figured they'd have a Gen VI non-Legendary similar to Lucario and Zoroark in it, but a tiny bit of me still hoped... And then yesterday I woke up to a text from Amy saying Mewtwo was going to be in the movie, and I literally screamed XD

And then I saw the mini poster in CoroCoro, and I cried a bit ;^;

I am so so happy ;A; I keep thinking of all the awesome stuff this means too. An Ichiban Kuji statue - please dear God. I have ALWAYS wanted one. Ever since I saw the gorgeous PC statue of Suicune, Ash, Pika and Celebi back in 2001. A POKEDOLL. I just... I can't formulate my feels D: If those two things happen, I will die happy. And then there's all the extra stuff, like PC and Tomy plush maybe? A new zukan? New kids? New movie manga, and, and, just... everything ;3;

I was driving myself (and likely everyone else who had to put up with my excitable witterings) insane last night because I just couldn't stop being excited haha XD So I decided to channel my excitement into art instead C: ~

Thank you Nintendoooooooo/PC/GF/EVERYONE ;A; I didn't think you could top 2012, but with this and XY, you just might <3 If you needed any more proof of how excited I am - my copy of Ni No Kuni finally arrived yesterday and I haven't even played it yet because I've been too distracted with all this XD I've hardly even got excited about the new Eeveelution yet either because tbh it just pales in comparison lol... So happy <3

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Yay Gen VI! C:

So excited about so many things so far, but I think what's just creeping out on top is the new graphics & battle system. Since I've played the games since the RGB days, I'll always love the traditional pixel graphics, but the new graphics look so shiny and feel long overdue. Really really happy about the simultaneous worldwide release though too ~ with BW & B2W2, I could play the Japanese games as my DS Lite wasn't region locked, but since I anticipated these being on the 3DS I was quietly worrying about whether to spring for a Japanese 3DS to be able to play it early, or just suck it up and wait the extra months. Now I don't have to worry about it, so yay! ^v^

Also totally picking Fennekin as my starter as if the picture didn't give it away lol. I love Fennec foxes ;^; It's actually one of my life dreams to have a pet one one day as I'm a big exotics enthusiast, and I've spent the past 3 - 4 years researching all the ins and outs of owning one, contacting breeders, etc. As it was, 3 - 4 years ago it was pretty much impossible to get hold of a 'domestic' Fennec without importing one, but nowadays there's actually a couple of suppliers in the UK. But since it's an animal that requires a lot of specialist care I'd ideally like to be in a bigger house that's capable of housing a pen with both an interior and exterior section in it before committing to owning one =) So for now I shall settle for squeeing over Fennekin instead lol (and my lovely Papillon Trixie too ofc ;3)

Shipping the last few settei tomorrow anywho, then need to look at getting my next lot of Sales photographed and organised. I have so much stuff to get rid of, waah D: Going to make it my goal to have all this extra stuff out of my house one way or another by the time Gen VI hits, even if it means just shoving it on eBay in a giant lot ^^
Viri Walky

Settei Auctions!

(Dear non-PKMNcollectors people on my f-list ~ please ignore! X3)

So! I bought a big settei lot recently for some Team Rocket sheets, and as they were all I was interested in I've decided to put most of the other sheets up for sale! C: For those not familiar with settei ~ settei are photocopied reference sheets used by the artists & animators in the production of the anime that ensure all the details are kept consistent.

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***ATTENTION: Guys, I'm having serious problems loading LJ atm. I've tried absolutely everything including downloading the app but I'm getting constant timeouts, to the point where it has just taken me over an hour to post ONE comment -_- For everybody who won an auction, I'm off to bed now and keeping fingers crossed it's working better in the morning so I can reply to you all individually, but in the meanwhile if LJ is working for you and you see this, then in the interest of speeding things up please reply to your winning bid with your location so I can work out your total for you =) Thanks everyone! <3
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(no subject)

Khee hee hee C: I got an item in the post today and I have seriously been playing with it. All. Day.

IT MOVES!!! ...XD lol It's lenticular, and it does a little sequence of Giovanni stroking Persian and Persian makes happy faces from ':3' to ':D' and fffffff, it's so cute. I'm such a child being entertained by such a simple thing, but I love it. I haven't seen one of these before now, so I was super excited to get it for all of 99 cents off eBay <3

As such, I came to realise earlier that Giovanni and Persian is actually not a side collection any more, but is in fact my secret fifth main one :I I always classified it as a side one since I always knew it would be tiny due to the lack of merch, but I realised today that I'm just as obsessive (if not more so) at checking auctions for stuff for them as I am with Mew and Mewtwo nowadays, the metal figures I'm missing have become things I would pay stupid amounts for, and really, isn't it dedication to a collection rather than the size of it that dictates whether it's a main or a side? The fact that such a simple (AND AMAZING) little bottle cap got me so excited made me realise how much that particular collection means to me, small though it may be, and so, as such, I am officially upgrading it to my fifth main! C: And it will probably secretly end up being my favourite main collection because it will cost me the least money aha.

In other news ~ still dead from Eevee's, mmmyup. Bank account officially in the red. No food for me this month lol! (sad thing is, I am only half kidding ;3;) For Christmas everyone is getting a photo of my Eevee's with a note saying 'I could have bought you something, but I bought myself these instead. Enjoy! <3'
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Yaaaaaaay! =D So excited! I just managed to get two slots with one of my most favourite plush makers!!! <3 I've tried to get one from her before but missed out as her slots always go super quick, even when you're sat there with the countdown open and the note already composed and ready to hit 'send' the instant they open X3
But yay! I'm getting a Walky style Viri plush, similar to my icon, and a Banpresto kawaii style Persian plush C: It's so not the best timing what with all the upcoming Eevee stuff coming up, but what the hell, that's what overtime's for. I can't wait to see how they turn out!!! <3

Also YES. Team Rocket kyun chara figures coming out in the Ichiban Kuji in January! I'm assuming they're the same ones as Banpresto didn't showcase any others to my knowledge, but even if they're not (different coloured uniforms or whatever) then I'll still be super happy since these will be easier to get hold of & cheaper, one assumes, so huzzah! Also Mewtwo's out in January too, glee! <3 So much fun stuff C: