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So Mewtwo's a girl now... *confused XD* I'm surprisingly unbothered by this. Mainly because I relate more to Mewtwo with his dub voice than his Japanese one, so hearing a different Japanese one isn't too jarring even if it is so vastly different from the dub one. I'm assuming it'll still be deep and masculine in the dub, unless there's some reason stated in the movie as to why his voice has changed. Tbf it's more of an issue in the dub anyway if he randomly turns into a girl since Giovanni explicitly calls him a 'boy' in Mewtwo Returns. The majority of younger fans probably haven't seen MR though tbh, making that irrelevant. But those who do know about it will be up in arms lol.
But wow. This has caused some arguments. Thing is, people keep turning round and being all 'What, why do you have a problem with it? Ash is voiced by a girl, Goku is voiced by a girl, etc. etc.' I don't think some of these people understand that the people complaining aren't being sexist lol. It's the fact it's an established character that prior to this has had a voice that is completely different, and that a new, different voice, especially one of a different gender, completely alters the perception of the character. How does that not make sense to people? I mean like I said, it (weirdly) doesn't bother me, but I can TOTALLY see why it would bother people. It's sparked off the debate again as to whether it's a different Mewtwo, purely because it sounds so different. I personally don't think it is, but the fact they wouldn't try to get a new VA that was similar (or at least sounded like the same gender as the previous one) is perplexing.
Oh Pokémon... You do love keeping us guessing this year lol.

Anyway. The trailer looks amazing, and I'm super excited, even if I am confused X3 I've made my peace with the new forme even if I'm still not a fan. The fact Mewtwo goes all magic girl when transforming into it though makes it that bit more likeable lol. He's not really helping the not-female argument with that one, haha. Silly boy/girl <3


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Apr. 18th, 2013 10:57 pm (UTC)
Yessss, embrace the shetwo~! Lol, I have to agree with Gin in that they're probably changing the voice actor just because they can with no regard to backstory. xD If however it does turn out to be a completely new Mewtwo I will be shocked. But I think we really can't count the movies as canon... I mean, technically Mewtwo and all other legendary pokemon are supposed to be genderless. And Ash should be, like, 20 years old by now lol.

I think they were probably like 'we need some more female presence in this movie... I know! Let's have a girl voice Mewtwo. PROBLEM SOLVED YAY.'
Apr. 19th, 2013 11:27 pm (UTC)
Hee hee, well, I think just a tiny glance at my artwork and whatnot shows I've always been a fan of the idea of a girl Mewtwo ;D But admittedly as a separate character lol - Mewtwo himself will always be permanently ingrained in my mind as a male, even if this is him with this new voice. Not gonna lie though, with this voice I probably will end up watching the movie taking a tiny bit of guilty pleasure in imagining it's my girl Mewtwo on screen at times lol XD She knows Ash & co. too anyway so I'm sure it'll be easy to dub in a relevant way in my head lol. I would be quite surprised though if the voice choice was due to them just being all 'Feh, let's just use whoever.' They do care more about consistency than that. If it sounded slightly different I'd buy it, but specifically female? Eh....
I think some people have mentioned an interview where it was stated his new voice was to make him seem more friendly, but if so then they've really gone overboard on it lol. But if that's the reason, then *shrugs* It would make more sense than introducing a new Mewtwo at least.
Seeing how some people are flipping out about it though makes me suspicious of myself for not being upset, haha XD One complaint I do have though is now whenever I'm talking about him I'm all 'blah blah so excited to see him... uh, her... maybe... Uhm, it? >_>' It's completely thrown me for a loop lol.
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