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My feels...

Okay, I've just about calmed down now after spending most of yesterday spazzing insanely after the new CoroCoro leak. Suffice to say I'm so so happy you guys ;v; Ever since July last year when I was having the BEST DAY EVER, watching the 15th movie in the cinema, on release day, IN JAPAN, with my husband, BFF, and a bunch of people from the comm, and at the end they showed that tiny sneak peak that revealed Genesect was in the 16th movie ~ ever since then I have nursed the tiny, excited hope that Mewtwo would be in it too. After all, he's awesome, and he hasn't appeared in the anime for so long, and what better excuse do they need than to have him face off against Team Plasma's genetically created Pokemon? With new merch of him appearing I got more hopeful, but since there was new merch of a bunch of other Pokemon like Rayquaza appearing too I didn't get *too* excited. After all, my dreams came true last year when it turned out Viri was going to be in the movie, and it was being released while we were already going to be in Japan (I seriously felt like the Pokemon Gods were reading my mind somehow XD), so what likelihood was there that they would go one better the very next year? Then with the Gen VI announcement my hopes dwindled, as I figured they'd have a Gen VI non-Legendary similar to Lucario and Zoroark in it, but a tiny bit of me still hoped... And then yesterday I woke up to a text from Amy saying Mewtwo was going to be in the movie, and I literally screamed XD

And then I saw the mini poster in CoroCoro, and I cried a bit ;^;

I am so so happy ;A; I keep thinking of all the awesome stuff this means too. An Ichiban Kuji statue - please dear God. I have ALWAYS wanted one. Ever since I saw the gorgeous PC statue of Suicune, Ash, Pika and Celebi back in 2001. A POKEDOLL. I just... I can't formulate my feels D: If those two things happen, I will die happy. And then there's all the extra stuff, like PC and Tomy plush maybe? A new zukan? New kids? New movie manga, and, and, just... everything ;3;

I was driving myself (and likely everyone else who had to put up with my excitable witterings) insane last night because I just couldn't stop being excited haha XD So I decided to channel my excitement into art instead C: ~

Thank you Nintendoooooooo/PC/GF/EVERYONE ;A; I didn't think you could top 2012, but with this and XY, you just might <3 If you needed any more proof of how excited I am - my copy of Ni No Kuni finally arrived yesterday and I haven't even played it yet because I've been too distracted with all this XD I've hardly even got excited about the new Eeveelution yet either because tbh it just pales in comparison lol... So happy <3


Feb. 13th, 2013 10:41 pm (UTC)
See? SEE?! You made me excited for this movie when I wasn't in the beginning. xD